For 25 years, Jeff Brown has helped tech investors through his industry-leading research services. Starting his career as a high-technology executive, he is uniquely qualified to identify tech companies that are well positioned for exponential growth. As an active and successful angel investor in early stage technology companies, Jeff has access to information that the public never sees.

As the Chief Investment Analyst at Brownstone Research, a boutique investment research founded in 2020, Jeff Brown brings his knowledge to everyday investors looking to grow their portfolios. Today, Brownstone Research's mission is to make proprietary research available to all investors looking to gain an edge in the markets. The goal is simple: deliver unique and profitable investment research found nowhere else.

Who is Jeff Brown Investor?

Jeff Brown's research firm publishes multiple newsletters and reports. The Bleeding Edge is a free newsletter providing Jeff's daily insights on the high technology world. The goal is to keep readers up to date on the newest companies, trends, and investing topics in the tech space.

Jeff Brown's flagship newsletters are The Near Future ReportExponential Tech InvestorEarly Stage TraderBlank Check SpeculatorDay One InvestorNeural Net Profits, and Unchained Profits.

Jeff Brown attended Purdue University where he earned an undergraduate degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering. Jeff earned his master’s degree in management from the London Business School and is also an alumnus of Yale University’s School of Management.

Degrees Held by Jeff Brown

  • Purdue University - Undergraduate Degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical engineering
  • London Business School - Master In Management
  • Alumnus of Yale University 's School of Management
  • Certificate from MIT
  • Certificate from Stanford
  • Certificate from UC Berkeley's School of Law
  • Certificate from the National University of Singapore
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    What is Jeff Brown's latest Investment Research?

    Jeff Brown's premier research service is talking about a new technology that is ripping through the financial world. The technology --something he calls G.T.E. -- is poised to be bigger that artificial intelligence, 5G, and cryptocurrencies. It could even grow to 48 times bigger than the entire stock market.

    To learn more, watch Jeff Brown's latest video about the "Tokenization" of everything.

    Are Jeff Brown & Brownstone Research Credible?

    Among his fans, Jeff Brown is the most accurate and reliable technology investor on the planet. Since 2015, he has been showing readers best -- and most profitable -- stocks to buy in the highly volatile tech sector. As a result, he now has close to 1 million followers who find his newsletters not only highly lucrative but also highly entertaining.

    Can Jeff Brown's stock picks help you and your portfolio?

    As the Chief Investment Analyst at Brownstone Research, Jeff Brown dives deep into the biggest tech and biotech stock ideas of the moment. The research team that supports him works hard to find early stage technology companies by using Jeff's access to silicon valley insiders.

    Also, as an angel investor, he is part of the the tech industry's inner circle. This provides him early insights into the hottest tech trends.

    When you mix his own research with the team that supports him at Brownstone Research, you get the most actionable investment opportunities on cutting edge tech companies.

    What is Brownstone Research?

    While Brownstone Research is a young company, Jeff Brown isn’t new to financial publishing. He started with Bonner & Partners in 2015. In 2020, Jeff Brown founded Brownstone Research after leaving Bonner & Partners. Jeff decided it was time to start his boutique investment research firm to provide his readers with the best insights and profitable investment recommendations.
    Many people think that Brownstone is part of Agora, but it's actually part of Marketwise (a subsidiary of Beacon Street).

    All of this can be a little confusing as there is a large matrix of companies inside of Agora.

    What reports does Jeff Brown write?

    Is The Near Future Report worth it?

    The Near Future Report is an investment advisory focused on identifying the trends of today – those right around the corner on the point of mass adoption. Jeff’s large-capitalization growth stocks connect to revolutionary shifts in technology like 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and more… And they are reliable, “sleep well at night” picks that have the potential for double-digit returns.

    With each monthly issue of The Near Future Report, you’ll see Jeff’s knack for identifying companies on the doorstep of enormous growth. He’ll tell you everything you need to know about the most innovative trends out there. He’ll also spotlight new technologies he’s tracking. And most importantly, he’ll give you easy-to-follow recommendations for generating solid profits from emerging trends.

    Is Exponential Tech Investor worth it?

    Exponential Tech Investor is an investment advisory service focused on identifying small- and micro-cap technology companies on the verge of exponential growth. These companies have the potential to be the next Apple, Amazon, or Netflix.

    The stocks we invest in relate to some of the most explosive trends in technology: 5G, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, biotech, and more.

    With each monthly issue of Exponential Tech Investor, you’ll receive Jeff’s newest recommendation with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. In addition, he’ll provide in-depth research, explaining his behind-the-scenes insight on some of the most bleeding-edge tech and innovative companies in existence.

    Early Stage Trader is a trading service devoted to delivering fast returns from small tech stocks

    Nobody but Jeff Brown could have developed this trading service. Jeff is an active angel investor in private technology companies with over 100 completed deals. And he uses his years of experience to target tiny tech stocks on the verge of explosive growth.

    With Early Stage Trader, you’ll profit in a matter of weeks, not years. And thanks to a little-known market anomaly, Jeff’s system pinpoints the precise times to buy and sell to maximize profits.

    Early Stage Trader is suitable for any trader who wants to profit from early stage tech stocks.

    Is Blank Check Speculator worth it?

    Blank Check Speculator is a research service designed to profile and recommend special purpose acquisition corporations (SPACs). SPACs – sometimes called “blank check companies” – exist to bring early-stage companies public via a “reverse merger.”

    Investing in SPACs before a reverse merger is announced effectively gives retail investors access to pre-IPO shares in exciting companies. With Blank Check Speculator, editor Jeff Brown uses his decades of experience to pinpoint the most promising SPAC investments.

    Subscribers to Blank Check Speculator can expect regular, thoroughly researched issues as well as a monthly portfolio update.

    Is Day One Investor worth it?

    After more than six years of extensive research, Jeff Brown is finally bringing private investments to regular investors. Day One Investor is a research service focused on investing on “day one,” when the biggest gains are possible.

    Jeff has seen the transformative potential of private investing in his own years of being an angel investor in 260+ deals. And now he will bring the best Reg CF and Reg A/A+ deals to his subscribers.

    Is Neural Net Profits worth it?

    Neural Net Profits is unlike any research product offered by Brownstone Research. Here, editor Jeff Brown uses the power of artificial intelligence to spot crypto trading opportunities that are invisible to humans.

    Using a proprietary neural network—known as “The Perceptron”—Jeff and his team identify cryptocurrencies on the verge of explosive moves in the next 60 days.

    Neural Net Profits is an active trading research service. It is ideal for engaged cryptocurrency investors that are looking to profit from short-term moves in the cryptocurrency market.

    Is Unchained Profits worth it?

    Unchained Profits is a research service focused on the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Blockchain technology is advancing rapidly and will ultimately revolutionize many industries and systems over the coming years.

    With Unchained Profits, investors will learn about the very best opportunities to invest in stocks, cryptos, platforms, and projects in this budding field. Editor Jeff Brown provides easy-to-understand instructions with each recommendation as well as a “Pro” version of this service for investors who want to take their investments to the next level.

    Jeff Brown

    Do we think Jeff Brown's stock picks can help your stock portfolio?

    Short answer: YES!

    We have been following Jeff Brown's investment ideas for a while now, and the information and picks are solid winners.

    If you want to find the best -- and most profitable -- stock recommendations across the entire tech sector, Jeff Brown's research services are worth the subscriptions.

    We have made a nice return on Jeff Brown's investment ideas. While we have not seen some of the same returns advertised, they are still better than what we have been doing on our own with tech stocks.

    The returns could have been better if we had taken more of Jeff’s advice earlier. A few of the trades we watched for weeks before making. We would have been better off with a smaller position when the recommendations were made rather than waiting to watch.

    What is Jeff Brown's Net Worth?

    Since there are so many people with the name Jeffery Brown, it has been difficult to find the exact Jeff Brown. Reports show that people with names similar to Jeff Brown have a net worth range between $2.4 million and $44 million.

    What is Jeff Brown's #1 tech stock?

    Jeff Brown's #1 tech stocks are in the G.T.E. technology. G.T.E. stands for Global Token Exchange and is simply a platform for trading digital coins. G.T.E. or Global Token Exchange is a term used by Jeff Brown.

    Jeff thinks that 2022 will be the year of "enormous digital exchange" and he believes there will be as many as 20,000 IPOs every day.

    It is important to note that G.T.E. is not the same thing as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Most people have been introduced to the NFT options in the broad media, but many people are still less familiar with G.T.E. and what it means in the area of digital transactions.

    What does Jeff Brown recommend?

    To learn which tech stocks Jeff Brown thinks are duds & which will prosper. Subscribe to the Near Future Report and save $199 today.

    What does Jeff Brown predict for 2022?

    Jeff thinks 2022 will be a particularly good year for "Day One" investments. He is expecting another strong year for IPOs including traditional IPOs, direct listings, and SPACs.

    Jeff Brown